Biceps Training

For The Guys Out There…

Let’s talk a little about biceps today. Our NJ at home personal training staff asked both our male prospects and male clients as to which body part they would want to show off the most. Other than abs the results were unanimous: BICEPS.

First point to know is that the biceps respond well to different angled training, much like their tricep counterparts. Let’s use the alternating dumbbell curl as an example. Performing a standard bicep curl with them is just one angle. Adding other variations such as moving your forearms slightly away from your midline and then performing the same exercise will leave your biceps sore because of the altered angle that you are NOT used to.

The second tip involves the “peak” of the biceps. For those that do not know this, the peak is the top portion of your biceps that stems out and gives you that better shaped look. Cable use will help much with your peak growth as do concentration curls. The attached video shows Arnold performing standing concentration curls – one of his favorite exercises. Remember, add variety to your routine to stimulate maximal muscle growth and to optimize fat loss…that is what Gravity Training Solutions is all about!

Arnold’s Concentration Curls

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