Beauty and Vanity

“That’s what makes you beautiful”…lyrics by One Direction.
Question is…What are you doing to make yourself appear more beautiful?

To Americans, vanity is held on a pedestal that may sometimes be higher than the health aspect. We’re a country that publicize beautiful celebrities and athletes to whom fat loss is not an issue. And although many of us look at those beautiful celebrities in vain, we don’t realize that it can be A CHOICE to LOOK THE WAY YOU DESIRE.

To many of our NJ clients, looking hot and sexy is the driving factor to continue exercising – to push past their original limits – to acquire the body they desire. If you are reading this…realize that YOU CAN and YOU WILL look hot and sexy BUT only if you put the motivation into it. The truth to fat loss and even to personal training is YOUR MOTIVATION. Your ongoing motivation to look the way you want, and not cutting short when you hit your plateaus.
That’s what makes you beautiful!

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