Beating The Excuses For Good!!

What is it that’s keeping you out of the gym, or from exercising in general ?

Ignore that little voice inside your head, excuses don’t burn calories!

Is this you ?…
“With a full time job and two kids there is no way I can workout!”
“I am scared of the machines at the gym, and the people in the classes intimidate me”
“Where do I begin? Starting a workout program stresses me out.”

If this is you then you have come to the rite place, if there is a will there’s a way! Here are some tips to get you moving and overcome those obstacles:

Time is an issue: Simple Solution! This doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your social life or take away from precious time with the family. Join a gym open 24/7! You can wake up early before work and hit the gym for 30 minutes, heck even 10 minutes is better then nothing! Do some in home workouts if you really don’t want to leave the house. If you really want the results take the time and allow yourself to reach them.

Intimidation: Believe it or not your not alone! So many other people feel the same way. But the funny thing is the only person judging you is yourself! Don’t let that hold you back, at least your in the gym trying right? Step out of your comfort zone, not only will you feel good but you will meet friends in the gym! If you’re unsure of how to begin, join a local boot camp class or hire a personal trainer.

Overwhelming: On your day off from work sit down and take 10 minutes to plan your routine for the week that way its already set up and requires no extra thought. Also sit down and plan when it is you can go so that you make it. Pretend it’s a meeting for work, you wouldn’t miss that now would you ?

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