BEAST Of The Month For July Who Met His Fitness Goals !!!


Go Miles!!!!! Congratulations on taking the proper steps to changing your life! We are proud to say Miles is the beast of the month for the month of July. Miles has been coming to Gravity Training Zone since March. When Miles started coming he exclusively attended our bootcamp classes and had one goal in mind… WEIGHT LOSS!! He wanted to lose about 50 lbs and then tone up after the weight was dropped.

When Miles stepped into Gravity, he never spoke about how important his goals were to him, he showed this by his actions and fast results. Miles struck us by surprise, every week he would come 3 times per week religiously and the weight was just falling off of him…literally. He attended our nutrition seminars, kicked up working out to 5 times per week and is now eating properly everyday!!! He now has the confidence to workout on his own, run 5k’s and participate mud runs, WAY TO GO !!!! Miles has now successfully and proudly lost 50 pounds since March! We can’t think of anyone that deserves to be the beast this month more then Miles, way to go Miles!!!

Congratulations on staying laser beam focused on your goals and not giving up since day 1. Keep up the great work!!

Morganville Boot Camp Member(Miles)

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