Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!!


The Holidays are upon us and that means plenty of time to be social, eat lots of cookies and have less time to workout and eat healthy. Since we all live such a busy life between work, kids, family, etc. we put together some helpful tips on how to navigate through the holidays without gaining the dreaded holiday pounds.

Here are some quick tips:

Make better choices when dining out. During the holidays there are more occasions to eat out then usual and all that dining out can add up to unwanted pounds. When you are out to eat choose to focus on eating lean proteins, like chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables. Try and avoid the bread basket on your table and choose either wine or dessert, not both.

Navigate the party scene. Ahh, all of those holiday parties scheduled from Thanksgiving to New Years can throw anyone off their clean eating habits. You don’t want to offend your guest by not eating what they prepared and you don’t want to miss out on all of that good food and drinks. When attending parties play defense by bringing your own special recipe of a healthier dessert or appetizer that way you know you will have healthier options to eat. Remember, you can eat a cookie or drink that peppermint martini anytime during the year, you don’t need to gorge yourself on these treats just because the holidays are here.

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