Avoid Emotional Eating !!!


Does stress at work, home, or your personal life make you eat? Do you feel like eating when you are overwhelmed, anxious, angry or have negative feelings? Emotional eating can be triggered by many things and it is very important to recognize what is making you eat. Check out these quick steps to help you avoid emotional eating.

1.Keep a food journal for a week and determine:
-What did you eat?
-When did you eat?

What was your mood when eating these foods?

2.Determine any patterns in eating.
(ie: I eat sweets when I am stressed at work)
(ie: I eat junk food when I am anxious) (ie: I eat chips when I am bored).

3.Change Behavior: after you have determined when, what, and why you are eating try to change your habits for the better.

Some tips to help:

-Pack healthy snacks for work that are portion controlled in zip lock bags.

-Become aware of stress at work and make it a point to walk to the bathroom or outside instead of reaching for food

-Practice breathing techniques or meditation when feeling anxious

-Commit to an early morning workout to release stress and set you up you a healthy day

-Keep a large water bottle at your desk. Determine when reaching for food if you are hungry or just overwhelmed.

-Drink water instead.

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