August Beast of The Month!!!!


Each month at Gravity we choose someone deserving of the title “Beast of The Month”. To define our definition of someone earning this title would be someone who never fails to work hard each time they come in, achieves results, pushes themselves to the next level, someone who is ALWAYS dedicated to being the best they can be! For the month of August we have proudly chosen Nina! Nina has been coming here for about 5 months now and since day 1 she has never failed to beast it. She runs to the studio before her workout and she’s ready to go, never out of breath and always loving a challenge! She works out as much as she possibly can and is never full of excuses, just full of positive energy! Nina you’ve really outdone yourself to us these past months that you have been here, always continue to challenge yourself and stay fabulous and fit!!! Congratulations Nina!

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