August 2014 Beast of the Month

Here’s a post I never thought I’d see myself writing…

The gal you see in the picture is Kristin Cruz. Apparently, she has earned August 2014 BEAST OF THE MONTH…

If you don’t already know, every month at Gravity Training Zone we commemorate one of our earning members as Beast Of The Month! There’s nothing more rewarding than being praised for your commitment to your own fitness program; for achieving goals you have set out for yourself. Of course, however, there is also the perk of selecting the workout station to play when you come in to train ;)

Kristin Cruz, boot camp beast of the month

They say a picture can say 1000 words… this one simply reminds me of the relationship Kristin has had with trainers since day 1.

Kristin and her soon to be husband, Richard Cruz, started exactly 12 months ago when they first poked their heads in holding their Groupons. Honestly, I don’t even know why she came in at all… let me explain why lol

Apparently, Kristin had invested 700 something dollars in a trainer and had only used one session. When I had asked her ‘why’ , she replied with “Oh I was sore the next day and I hated it”. Who drops that much cash and then stops training because they were made sore lol?? Kristin apparently…

I can’t tell you how hard I worked to make sure she was progressively seeing results and then not quitting after every session. She signed up along with Rich on 9/10/13….IT’LL BE A YEAR TOMORROW SINCE SHE STARTED!

Tell me how a person that hated working out because of a little soreness become such a gym rat? All last month I would stop from a distance and just stare, the woman was using heavy weight, her form was spot on, AND she would only yell back at me 50% of the time ;).

All joking aside, their was no more 10 pounders in her hands…I’d see 25’s or 30’s… Perfect form execution…and the desire to come everyday.

To me, that shows a dramatic change in mindset. Just as she said in my television commercial, “I hated working out, and here I don’t”. May that fuel your desire to train you f’n ass off Krisin! I am extremely proud of your dedication.

May the grilled cheese be with you 🙂