April Beast of the Month

If you don’t already know, every month at Gravity Training Zone we commemorate one of our earning members as Beast Of The Month. There’s nothing more rewarding than being praised for your commitment to your own fitness program; for achieving goals you have set out for yourself.

This month we want to give a big congratulations to Kim Honnick on earning April’s BEAST OF THE MONTH!

Kim Honnick Beast of the Month Manalapan

Now for a little success story about one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet…

Kim poked her smiling face into Gravity Training Zone on January 6th of this year. I think it was her New Year’s resolution to find a training facility that loved Rocky as much as she did. Talk about a first introduction! I think I somewhat ignored the other new woman that came in that day (oops); Kim just came in with enough life energy to fill 100 electric cars haha.

Training wise, I truly don’t think she missed a single day. I’m talking about this woman working from the crack of dawn and then coming straight to GTZ for her 7:30 workout Mon-Thur. Saturdays I’d talk her into doing a workout and a half…which would always turn into 2 hours lol. And I gotta say, she would work her ass off! I watched her workout the other day to see that she has gained A LOT of strength. Some of the difficult exercises I gave her, she just breezed through.

Physically, the only thing that hasn’t changed was her smile. I don’t think I noticed how short she was until she dropped a whole bunch of weight lol. Truth be told, I don’t know how many pounds she lost; I don’t even care. Her appearance speaks for itself. And the crazy thing is, she’s not done yet. Battling to win our Summer Transformation Challenge ’14, I think there’s a whole new Kim to come!

Rocky, you motivate children and teachers everyday in your profession. I’m happy to say that I am able to help you for a change. I’m so proud of your lifestyle changes including food habits and your training. May your smile continue to grow from the love you have bestowed upon your body and upon GTZ!

~Drago <3