Alcohol And Weight Loss

Alcohol in itself has many altering effects. Today, lets concentrate on the how alcohol hinders you in the area of weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss, having lean muscle on us is probably the most important part. But what if your muscles are not working up to par? In other words, what if something stuns the growth of our muscles?…Alcohol does just that.
Here’s why:

1. One of the biggest side effects of alcohol consumption is that it blocks neuro-receptors in your brain. These mind-muscle receptors are responsible for engaging the muscle during an activity. When you have a good neuromuscular connectivity, you can target and then build those muscles in a much easier fashion. Alcohol hinders this process.
Here’s more on neuromuscular connections:

2. Alcohol consumption increases our estrogen levels. We all know that higher testosterone levels guide our muscle growth. This is why anabolic steroids are so impacting in NJ and in the United States. Raising your estrogen levels with alcohol, means you are lowering your testosterone levels. For those of you that drink alcohol and also take testosterone boosters, you are spending unnecessary amounts of $$$ on substances that still end up leaving you with less muscle, more body fat, and increased negative hormone levels.
Here’s a good blog on testosterone:

3. The last important fact is that alcohol is 100% catabolic towards your muscles. In other words, it uses up your precious muscle. However, instead of using it for energy, it simply deteriorates it for waste and that’s about it. Just like the blog below describes, we want to stay in an anabolic mode as much as possible.

Leaving empty calorie consumption aside, alcohol can be described as an absolute poison. Our NJ in home personal training staff DO NOT advocate alcohol consumption – especially in large quantities. The mind altering effects greatly hinder your fat loss and weight loss results. Build muscle and drink your water:).

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