Add Supersets To Your Training

Supersets not only are a form of advanced training but also save you time in the gym! Supersets involve working multiple muscles at once and also performing sets back to back WHILE taking a 5-10 second rest between the two exercises. There are 3 types of supersets that our in home NJ personal trainers advocate. Today let’s look at the first method:

The first method is grouping synergistic muscles. “Synergistic” is a fancy word for talking about the muscles that ‘act together’. Performing a set of bicep curls IMMEDIATELY after performing seated rows, performing a set of bicep curls after already doing a set of bicep curls, and performing a set of rows after a preceding row exercise are all examples of synergistic supersets.

In the examples above, the muscles being used are ALL ‘pull’ muscles. Grouping one after the other, increases the blood flow to those areas, enables quicker muscle breakdown, and most importantly SAVES YOU TIME!

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