A Healthy Makeover For Your Office


For all of you office people out there who need a little guidance, this too will imporve your health!!

1. Clear the Clutter: Organize papers and recycle all unnecessary scraps lingering around your desk. Have a bin for To-do’s and folders to stay organized. Clutter creates stress, wastes time, and can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious

2. Make Rules: Do not eat at your desk. This will prevent messy crumbs and force you to get up and walk to get lunch and clear your mind.

3. Fill a Water Bottle: Buy a big reusable water bottle to always have filled at your desk. This will keep you hydrated and energized.

4. Fit Tricks: Sit on an exercise ball at your desk for a stability, core, and posture challenge. Keep your garbage can out of reach so you are forced to get up frequently and walk. Stand up every time you take a phone call.

5. Set the Tone: Instead of donuts, bagels, cupcakes or muffins for the next office breakfast meeting try a healthier version of fruit, yogurt, and granola.

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