8 Things To Make 2014 The Fittest Year!


New Year, new things! The new year is a fresh start to change things and set short term and long term goals. What will you complete that you will be proud of by 2015?? Here is some advice on some little things you can change that will bring you far!!

1. Sweating the small stuff – stop stressing over things that aren’t a big deal, it’s not worth it!

2. Night time snacking – no more eating after 8pm!! After dinner no more snacking!

3. Grudges –
keep the past in the past it’s a new yea! Let go of things that once bothered you, move on and focus on now. It will make for a healthier you.

4. Skipping workouts – no more skipping workouts, remember this year is about YOU!

5. Stress – try to keep your stress levels to a minimum, stress really affects your health.

6. Fast food – NO MORE fast food, seriously it’s terrible for you!

7. Clutter – keep everything neat and organized, it will relieve stress plus make your life way easier! It will allow you to have more time for yourself.

8. Not staying in touch with friends – keep in touch with your friends! Plan something at least once a month with your friends and stick with it you will be happy you did!!

If you truly want to make 2014 your best year, follow these tips and let us know how they’ve helped you! 🙂

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