6 Foods That Could Save Your Life !

6 foods that could save your life and you might not even know about them !! The best vitamins we can get are from natural foods that we were made to eat such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. I’m going to name six foods that can improve your allover health, eat enough of these and your skin will be luminous !

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help with heart health by lowering triglyceride levels (fat deposits), slowing the growth rate of your atherosclerotic plaque (the buildup in your arteries) and lowering blood pressure. Omega-3s also decreases your risk of arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats).

2.Tofu and Soy
Research has shown that soy and soy protein (found in tofu) can lower total cholesterol levels by as much as 30 percent and can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels anywhere from 35 to 40 percent. It also can reduce triglyceride levels. And like salmon, tofu is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

One cup of avocado has 23 percent of the recommended daily intake of folate, which has been shown to lower the incidence of heart disease. It’s also full of monounsaturated fat and can help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, while raising the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) in your body. Just one more reason to order the guacamole (not that you needed one!).

4.Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes can help regulate blood sugar levels, and they’re a good source of fiber too — which helps fight heart disease. Translation: These guys are great any time of the year (not just on holidays).

Oatmeal is full of omega-3 fatty acids and folate. Go for steel-cut if you can (it’ll say on the box), because it has more fiber and can help lower cholesterol.

6.Dark Chocolate
chocolate heart
Dark chocolate (not milk chocolate) has a ton of antioxidants that help deter increases in LDL (bad cholesterol) and reduce plaque formation on artery walls. It also can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. We’re really appreciating science right now.

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