5 Weekend Wellness Tips !!


5 Weekend Wellness Tips

1. Clear clutter, clear your mind: Cleaning and getting rid of clutter in your house will help you be more productive and in a better mood.

2. Eat only When Your Hungry: Do not let boredom or socializing become a reason to eat. Find activities to do and when out for the evening make your focus the company and conversation of the friends you are with.

3. Sleep: Get to bed and wake up close to your regular scheduled bed time.

4. Stop & Smell the Roses: Don’t let the stress of weekend errands bog you down. Take time to enjoy the small things with your children, family, and friends. Do something special to make a memory with your family. Take photos and videos.

5. Laugh: See a comedian, get together with friends, and have a good time. Laughter not only burns calories, but is the best medicine to help relief stress and depression.

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