5 Ways To Stay Fit With The Time Change!


Time changes can really mess us up but the good news is with this time change we get an extra hour to do whatever we want!! Use that extra hour wisely… here are 5 ways to do so!!

1. Start a Morning Workout Routine:
What a great week to implement a morning workout routine. You may be a little tired the first few days but soon enough you will feel more energized to start your day. It is a great feeling to go home after work when it is dark and cold because your workout is already complete.

2. Change Evening Behaviors: With the evenings getting darker and cooler find an indoor hobby that keeps you active. Join a kickball league, volleyball, or gym. Do not allow the cold and dark weather to become an excuse to sit and snack in front of the TV.

3. Hire A Personal Trainer: To help stay motivated, hire a personal trainer to help get you to your fitness goals and stay on track.

4. Outdoor Chores: Rake the leaves, mow the lawn, play tag with the kids. Whatever works and keeps you moving. Have fun and enjoy the fresh crisp fall air.

5. Change Your Mindset: Instead of telling yourself you do not have the time, energy or motivation to get fit and start an exercise program tell yourself you DO! Find time that you spend watching TV, or on social media and make that your time to workout!

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