5 Ways For Fitness Success


Here are 5 Tips Of Success to follow to get you going on the right track !

1. Be Consistent: Make exercise part of your daily and weekly schedule. Exercise first thing in the morning to avoid skipping your workouts after work because you are tired or have too much to do.

2. Make Exercise a Lifestyle: Find ways to be active every single day. Take the stairs, park further away, and make social dates active ones such as a hiking, bowling, swimming, etc.

3. Be Realistic: Set goals that ARE reachable. Otherwise if you set yourself up for failure you will get frustrated and quit before seeing or feeling any results.

4. Have Fun: Find activities you actually like doing in order for you to continue them.

5. Get Inspired: What inspires you? Is it a weight loss success story? Daily motivational quotes? An updated playlist on your ipod? Find out what sparks the fire under you and use this to your advantage.

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