5 Tips to Keeping You Fit & Organized!


1. Write Down Your Workout Schedule: Make a workout calendar and plug in all of your workouts for the week. Write the exact time and exactly what you are doing. (cardio, strength, personal trainer appointment, group exercise class, etc).

2. Organize Your Workouts to Make Sense: Try to schedule out your workouts so that you include cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts throughout the week. You do not want to schedule a heavy lifting day and a 6am appointment with your personal trainer the next day.

3. Pack the Night Before: Pack a healthy lunch for the day along with your workout bag including your clothes, sneakers and deodorant. If you work out first thing in the morning lay out your workout clothes, or even easier, sleep in them!

4. Stock Up on Water: Stock up on water bottles at your house or use a re-useable bottle so that you are not spending money on overpriced water at the local convenience store or gym vending machine. Leave a few bottles in your trunk so that you are always prepared.

5. Update Your Playlist Weekly: To keep you motivated and excited to workout make it a habit to update a workout playlist each week.

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