5 Tips to Get Back into a Workout Routine


1. Get to Bed Early: DVR your shows and shut off the lights, TV, and electronics at a reasonable time.

2. Don’t Hit Snooze: As tempting as it is, do not allow yourself to snooze the alarm. Place your alarm clock across the rooms so you are forced to get up.

3. Don’t Be Negative: Instead of complaining and stressing about all that needs to get done, try to be optimistic and see the positive. Get excited when things are accomplished. Negative thoughts and feelings will just spread to other areas of your day that can be avoided.

4. Get Organized: Pack lunches, lay out clothes for work and school the night before. It sounds simple but this easy task can help avoid stress and being late in the morning when a shoe is missing or you find out you ran out of bread for lunch.

5. Workout in the Morning: Get up an hour early and do your workout. A morning workout will boost your mood, keep you energized and more productive throughout the day.

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