5 Tips for Eating Out this Weekend

Couple Dining

1.Choose drinks or dessert. When figuring out what to indulge in at dinner stick to either a drink at dinner or eating dessert to help curb an all out cheat meal.

2.Look at the menu before you go. Most restaurants post their menus online, so find the menu online and figure out the healthiest option ahead of time. Doing this before you actually arrive at the restaurant will help you to have a plan and not be persuaded to order an unhealthy option from the waiter or your company.

3.Pass on the bread or chips. When you sit down ask the waiter to skip the bread or chips. If it is not on table you won’t miss it, it is always harder and takes more willpower to avoid the bread that is staring at you saying “eat me!”

4.Focus on fat, protein and veggies; stay away from starches. These foods will help to fill you up and satiate you.

5.Drink plenty of water before and after your meal. Drink a large bottle of water before you go to the restaurant so that you are already feeling full.

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