5 Reasons to Do an Early Morning Workout


1. You will be smarter. Intense exercise increases blood flow to the body and the brain. Sending oxygenated blood to the brain via exercise will help to increase brain function throughout the day.

2. Boots your metabolism. Getting in an intense workout first thing in the morning will help to raise your heart rate and rev your metabolism. Doing intense workouts like weight training helps to burn more fat throughout the day.

3. Makes you have a happier day. Exercise releases feel good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins help to make you feel happier!

4. You won’t have distractions later. When you put off your workout for later in the day you tend to have more things that will distract you from getting in a workout. Other obligations can come up during your day that will lead you away from your workout. Getting in your workout first thing in the morning will help to assure you that you won’t miss your workout due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. You will have more energy. Exercise first thing in the morning will help to boot your energy throughout the day.

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