5 Reasons to Change Your Workout this Week !!!


1.Prevent boredom. You will be less likely to quit your workout routine if you enjoy it and do not feel bored.

2.Get motivated. Changing your routine by increasing intensity, adding equipment, taking a new class or doing a different workout format will help keep you excited because you are doing something new.

3.Get results. Hitting the same muscle groups and doing the same old routine will keep the body from changing. Your body can hit a plateau from adapting to the same training over and over again. Therefore, adding to and changing up your workout will help challenge the body and get results.

4.Learn something new. Discovering a new technique, or exercise format will educate you on muscle groups and help you perform better in everyday activities.

5.Stay challenged. Keeping your body working hard and trying new things will help challenge different muscles in different ways, and therefore show results.

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