5 Foods That Fight That Bloat!


I’m always being asked ‘how can I get rid of my belly?’ This is going to give you a little insight on some foods that fight dreaded belly bloat! Generally, the best way to avoid bloat is to stay away from soda, alcohol and greasy, salty, fatty meals, which slow the stomach and process of the intestines emptying.

If you know you’re going to be over-indulging – for a weekend celebration or a big holiday meal—you can be proactive by eating certain flat-belly foods before the big event. Here are some foods that will help reduce bloat!

1. Papaya – There’s some research that says the enzyme in papaya may aid digestion. Mix diced papaya into plain organic greek yogurt for breakfast.

2. Oatmeal – In recent studies related to digestion, researchers found that oat bran can be particularly beneficial. Having oatmeal for breakfast is the most beneficial.

3. Yogurt – The key is to make sure you’re choosing a yogurt that has “active cultures,” which will increase the number of “good” bacteria in your gut, helping you digest more efficiently and preventing that belly from bloating. Look for organic plain yogurt (which is very likely to contain the active cultures), and steer clear of anything with “fruit on the bottom.” If you need a touch of sweet, stir in some fresh fruit.

4. Asparagus – There’s some really interesting new info about asparagus that indicates that it has some probiotic benefits. So it may ease the build-up of gas and, it also flushes waste and excess water from your body.

5. Quinoa : The potassium in quinoa has been shown to beat bloat—plus, this grain is a great source of the minerals magnesium, phosphorous and especially manganese. It packs both fiber (2.6 grams per 1/2 cup) and protein that can keep you satisfied for hours.

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