5 Fit Things To Pack This Vacation!


Taking a trip to the beach for the weekend? Pack these 5 essentials so you can keep up with your healthy lifestyle even while you are on vacation!!

1. A Reusable Water Bottle: Avoid the over-priced bottled water and skip the sugary drinks from vendors at the beach. Bring your reusable water bottle from home and pack it with ice and water in the morning to carry with you all day.

2. Healthy Snacks for the Car: Skip the rest stops when hunger prevails, instead pack snacks such as cheese sticks, nuts, protein bars, apple, or granola. Save money and calories with these simple energy boosting snacks.

3. Resistance Band: This very small and convenient piece of exercise equipment can easily be stuffed in the suitcase for a quick before beach workout, plus beach workouts are fun!

4. Sneakers: You may not think of packing your gym sneakers and instead have 5 pairs of flip flops, but sneakers are essential for a jog on the boardwalk, mini golf, or a bike ride around town.

5. A Summer Playlist: Pick fun summer songs and create a summer mix to keep you motivated to go for a jog on the beach, or complete a quick 10 minute cardio, strength or ab workout.

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