5 Best Chest Exercises

Do you want to build a bigger chest. Awesome. We’re going to take care of that today. In Today’s video I’m going to give you my 5 Best Chest Exercises along with some great strategies of how to really grow that chest fast. We’re going to do some compound lifts some isolation and we’re also going to throw in some supersets. The chest has a coupleĀ  different parts to it but what you have to know is that it has an upper and a lower part. Many times you will have to work on one part of your chest more than the other. depending on what you need more of. Some people find it easy to build the lower part of the chest like me and some people find it harder to build the lower part of the chest. Incline movements will hit the upper part of the chest whereas declined and flat movements will hit the lower and middle part of the chest. There’s also the Center part of your chest as well and there are specific ways to target that. I’ll be going over exercises to target each of these parts so let’s jump right in to the very first and the best exercise for chest.

The inclined barbell or dumbbell press is the ultimate chest exercise. With the barbell you will help increase your overall power which will allow you to grab heavier weights for chest and that will help the muscle grow. With the dumbbells which I’m going to demonstrate today you’re going to hit your chest even more than the barbell because of a free range of motion. Start by pinching your shoulder blades really tight then lay back and press straight up. Bring the weights back down slightly higher than your nipple line and make sure you get nice and low to give that chest stretch. If you want to keep the tension on your chest don’t lock out all the way. Make sure you go heavy with this one and as soon as you’re done drop the weight and you’re gonna do a superset with some incline dumbbell flyes. Keep your elbows slightly bent bring your arms out to the sides like you’re about to give someone a big hug and then bring them back in. Stop right before you get the dumbbells straight up over your shoulders to keep the pressure on your chest.

Next we got an exercise for the center of your chest. We’re going to take two dumbbells hold them together against each other and you’re going to lie down on an inclined bench. Press with dumbbells straight up and bring them down at a level where the top part of the dumbbell is hitting your chest. Squeeze the dumbbells together really tight to hit the center of the chest even more.

Next we’re going to do a flat wide grip barbell press. Here I like to grab the rings on the barbell with my pointer fingers. List of the barbell and bring it down to your nipple line and then press straight up. Again if you want to work on your chest more then avoid the lockout.

On this next exercise were going to hit the upper chest again you going to grab two cables and position them a decent amount lower than your shoulders. Grab both the cables walk out a little bit and bring your hands up and together really squeezing at the end of the movement. When I do this movement I always keep my hands open as much as I can because doing this makes me feel it more in my chest.

Now we finally have a movement for the lower part of the chest. We’re going to grab a barbell and we’re going to use it on a decline bench now. We’re going to bring the barbell under our nipple line at about the start of our rib cage. Again press straight up and don’t lock out if you want to keep the pressure on the chest.

So that’s pretty much it guys those are my 5 Best Chest Exercises. I usually won’t do all of them in one workout so make sure you spread them out. Also make sure that you pull back your shoulders and really pack them together nice and tight for all of your chest exercises as this will help you focus more on the muscle that you’re targeting. I hope this video has helped you guys out if you enjoyed this video