4 Ways to Get Motivated


Tips to help you upgrade your willpower—and get results now

Use a Line of Questioning
Think about your physique goal. Then break it down into smaller goals, like getting to the gym 3 days a week for a certain number of weeks. When you can’t find the drive on a particular day, ask yourself questions like, “will skipping this workout help me or hurt me?” You know the answer already, but having to admit it will help you refocus on the smaller goal you need to achieve on your way to the larger goal.

Be Positive
In your own training, reframe the way you think about success and failure. Instead of beating yourself up about missing a lift or workout, think about the things you’ve done well ­ like, at least, getting into the gym that night ­and build on those things. Simply thinking in a different way will help you realize how effective positive reinforcement can be.

Hold Yourself Accountable
When you fall a little short, think about how you could have done something different. If you don’t know your own potential, you’ll never reach it. You won’t even come close. But pushing yourself each and every day will help you figure out how good you can be.

Know Your Goals
For you, decide what you want to achieve before you get to the gym and start warming up, and make sure you’re eating the right way at all your meals. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time seeing changes in your body.

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