4 “Diet” Foods You Should Ditch Today!


Unfortunately with today’s society many of us are VERY mislead with what is healthy and what is not, the word “healthy” is so misused and abused. Checkout these five tips and take a closer look at what really isn’t “healthy”.

Popcorn- popcorn has always been used as a “diet” food but popcorn is filled with empty calories and a pure carbohydrate snack that will increase insulin and cause you to store fat. Corn is a GMO (genetically modified) and should not be considered a health food.

Egg Whites- Why are we still not eating egg yolk? Egg yolks are filled with so many vitamins and nutrients, its a extremely nutrient dense food that should be eaten. And if you are worried about cholesterol, then you should know that eating too much cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

Rice Cakes- The glycemic index of rice cakes is over 100! That means rice cakes will immediately spike your insulin and will cause you to hold on to fat. Ditch that rice cake and eat some brown rice instead.

Yogurt- I’m talking about that fruit on the bottom yogurt. Another sugar bomb and insulin spiker. Stick to greek yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.

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