3 Simple Ways to Prevent Weight Gain !


Some of the best ways to prevent weight gain are the most obvious. Here are 3 common (and obvious) factors that might be hindering your ability to lose weight.

1.Liquid Calories – According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the average American drinks 37% of their daily calories. Imagine if you reduced this number by 70%; that would cut your daily calorie intake down by 400-700. Start by reducing the number of flavored coffees, fruit drinks, and sodas you drink each day.

2.Calorie Density – Think about this…800 calories of gummy worms would take you a half hour to eat. You would have to eat 6 to 7 potatoes to consume that many calories. The same goes for fruit juice: it’s easy to drink 500 calories worth of orange juice, but much harder to eat 8-9 oranges. Calorie density matters!

3.Underestimating Intake – The average individual thinks they are consuming 50% fewer calories then they actually are. This means if you think you are only eating 2000 calories, per day, there is a good chance you are eating 3000 per day. Take a week and count the calories for everything you eat. You might be surprised!

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