3 Resistance Training Exercises for Better Heart Health!!!


Slim Body, Strong Heart

Do you shy away from free weights at the gym? Thankfully, there are a slew of other ways to build your muscles. Besides the benefits of toning your body, resistance workouts help improve blood pressure and lower your diabetes risk. Strength training can also give you an instant mood boost and help fight depression, much like a brisk walk or jog around the block does.

Do calf raises while you chat.

Whenever you’re on the phone, press up onto the balls of your feet—use your free hand to hold the edge of a table for balance. Stay there for a few seconds, tighten glutes and abs, then lower down.

Take the stairs two at a time.

Whether you’re climbing steps during a jog or heading to the laundry room, skipping a step will engage more of your hamstring and glute muscles and help tone your backside. Make sure to lean forward slightly and push through your heel.

Do counter push-ups.

Try 10 to 15 push-ups while you’re cooking. Stand about an arm’s-length away from the counter, place your hands on the edge and then take a few steps back. Tighten stomach with spine straight and bend your elbows as you bring your chest toward the counter, then push back up. Tip: Don’t rush. Take it slowly to build more muscle.

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