3 Fitness Tips to Look and Feel Sexier


It’s no secret that eating a balanced diet and following a consistent workout regiment will help not only improve your overall health, energy, productivity and appearance but studies also show that it will do wonders for your confidence and sex appeal !!!

Start looking and feeling sexier today by incorporating these three tips to improving your health, strength, endurance and appearance:

1. Be An Outsider: Try to focus on primarily shopping the outer perimeter of the grocery store to find fresher, healthier, nutrient rich foods with fewer added preservatives or chemicals. Foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, lean meats, grains and organic natural products are located along the outer aisles and should be the foundation of your diet.

2. HIIT The Cardio: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of short, intense cardiovascular exercise emphasizing quality not quantity and just may be the missing ingredient to supercharge your weight loss. It is composed of a series of intense, all-out bursts of activity lasting 10-60 seconds followed by brief, moderate to low intensity recovery periods lasting anywhere from 50 percent to 300 percent of high intensity work time. The sequence is then repeated for approximately 4-20 minutes depending on your objective and performed two to three times per week. This type of training is far more effective when it comes to burning fat, accelerating your metabolism, improving muscle endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and athletic performance than the traditional, boring steady-paced cardio many gym goers have sadly become accustomed to. The training intensity and duration of HIIT is determined by the individuals current fitness level and specific goals as it would with any other form of exercise.

3. Total Body Attack: Stick to compound and full body combination exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. These types of exercises allow you to improve your body’s ability to function as a unit, increase muscular strength, endurance and maximize the number of calories burned per session, thus helping you build the lean, strong, functional and sexy physique you’ve always desired. Examples of compound exercises include squats, dead-lifts, pushups and pullups. Examples of full body combination exercises include squat to shoulder press, pushup to row and pullup to knee raises.

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