10 Tips For A Healthier & Happier Weekend!

We tend to forget how being happy is a vital part of our health! We also forget our health is very reliant on how happy we are, if we are unhappy we are usually unhealthy. If you are feeling unhealthy, chances are it has to do with your overall happiness; whether it is overeating due to high stress levels or just not being able to find happiniess. Here are some tips to get you going on the right track to feeling happy and healthy!!! No better time to start then today!

1. Take your workout outdoors

2. Eat like it’s a weekday

3. Stick to your usual sleep schedule

4. Don’t overindulge in alcohol and sugary drinks

5. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go

6. Try something new

7. Plan an active outing

8. Do more of what makes you happy

9. Take a crossfit/bootcamp class

10. Plan a relaxing activity (yoga, massage, pedicure, meditation)

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