10 Great Fitness Tips To Live and BE Healthy!


For good health and successful training, it is necessary to be familiar with some fitness rules. Your fitness regime should contain a proper diet, exercise and rest. Reveal the 10 golden rules of fitness.

1. Warm Up – You should always start your training with stretching. This will help to warm up and avoid possible injuries.

2. Sweat – No matter how heavy weights are to lift, if you want to stay in shape, you should always to do cardio exercises.

3. Manage your time – Nothing will be achieved if you practice first day in the morning, and the next six days you do not practice at all. But if you practice every day for an hour, the results will soon be visible.

4. Eat Healthy – The best way to stay fit is to eat less than you need, and you practice a little bit more than you want.

5. Drink lots of water – Hydration of the body is the main thing when you exercise.

6. Tonify muscles – Fitness is incomplete if your muscles are weak. You should always lift weights after your cardio exercises.

7. Breathe deeply – While practicing, or even when doing everyday chores, breathe deeply.

8. Balanced diet – Most people consider that a diet rich with proteins, is the only way to be fit. Your body
requires all the food ingredients, so diet should consist of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

9. Relax – If you want a slim line, it is necessary to rest 6-8 hours a day.

10. Change your bad habits – If you go to bed at two in the morning and wake up at noon, you will not be fit. Change your bad habits because they are not the key to success.

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