Discover How to Fix Your Body in Just 21 Days

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Here’s How We Fix Your Body’s Fat Regulation in Just 21 Days

Our 3-Step Fat Fix

 FIX 1:


9 Training Sessions

You’ll be training with a trainer 3xweek for 3 weeks. Our 60 minute AfterBurn Training Sessions will help you Boost Your Metabolism and help you Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day. We’ll teach you form and make you sweat & melt fat away safely working out.

FIX 2:

Food Prep

Weekly Prepped Meals

Yes, we’re ending the battle with food preparation for you. We partnered up with Eatz, who will be preparing your weekly meals for 21 DAYS! You won’t have to shop, cook, or clean a dish. These perfectly balanced meals are DESIGNED for Fat Loss.

FIX 3:

Private Coaching

Accountability Session

Hop on a Private Coaching Call with the Owner of GTZ. Ask any questions regarding nutrition, exercise, and secret methods on how you can easily lose fat. We’ll be changing your body’s hormonal response over these 21 days. DO NOT miss this call!

Only 20 Spots.

We’d like to change the way you store Fat in 21 Days for Just 1 Payment of:

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If you are reading this, I’m sure you FEEL what many of your other fellow residents in town have felt. Stuck in your difficult eating habits, and unsure of how to get results in the gym. The gym can be intimidating and there’s no coach to hold you accountable to your goals. Most of you have one thing in common.

These people FELT what it was like to go to the gym with no personal touch, no nutrition, no safety.

What they FOUND was an atmosphere conducive to their individual success. A fun & encouraging environment aimed at igniting your hormonal response and facilitating the most rapidly burning results. The workouts…well they fly right by… because you meet some really great people with so many similar goals to yours. Try our 21 Day Fat Fix, it’ll change your life.

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